Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Literature Literature Literature

I have so much literature on my subject now that I really need to dedicate time to completing my reading and writing up a formal review.  I finally believe that I am in a place where I don't need to find anything more than what I have.

My literature varies from informal blogs to books and I feel quite overwhelmed by the amount of information I have. 

Formulating my literature review and getting it written up will be a big step into my inquiry.  It will help me draw conclusions for my analysis and drive my writing forward.

Wish me luck!


  1. It's been amazing to discover so much fascinating information but I have to agree, it's time to evaluate what I have in terms of relevance to my data.
    I'm hoping to still find the time to carry on reading more and more about the subject area as I've already found my teaching has changed - perhaps not noticeably for my students but definitely for me, which is great as I feel I've assimilated things smoothly enough for these changes to be a part of what is already there.

    I think I might structure a blog post about my literature as a 'draft' draft of the literature review as it would be helpful to see if other people can understand why I've taken the path of inquiry that I have.
    In fact, that will be my tomorrow task.
    Thanks, Mimi! :)

    1. Thanks Sarah, a draft blog is a great idea. I think I need to start compiling because I have so much that fits together well x